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We will (FREE SERVICE) show you the nicest Austin Texas Apartments that accept Section 8 (affordable housing) available in Austin Texas (TX), Pflugerville, Cedar Park, Roundrock & Leander Texas. Many folks you may call haven't the slightest idea what a section 8 voucher even is, we understand very well the section 8 housing process, we have an extensive knowledge of SECTION 8 PROPERTIES and the DATA BASE of AVAILABLE ! We routinely visit the Austin Housing Authority (Haca) to give presentations to section 8 housing voucher recipients (public housing) who are porting in from another city, we also meet with new Section 8 voucher holders to discuss their housing options. Section 8 is also called the Housing Choice Voucher program. We also meet many clients who port in (portability) to the Austin and surrounding area, its possible for us to meet you at the Austin Housing authority the same day you receive your portability voucher, these usually are given out on Wednesdays, for the name & phone number of the person at the Austin Housing authority that deals with portability, please call me at (512) 704-8888

Recently I have had a lot of people porting in from San Antonio TX, they come to me and ask for a NICE 2 BEDROOM FOR $640 in a place with low crime, the problem is two fold, they ACTUALLY only qualify for a 1 bedroom BUT the Austin Housing Authority will sometimes give them the larger bedroom option (read two paragraphs down) for less money, the problem is that the larger bedroom option is for LESS MONEY than the1 bedroom option, so if your 1 bedroom voucher will cover a average 1 bedroom rent, how in the world can you expect to spend A LOT LESS MONEY and get a really nice 2 bedroom apartment...the answer is...YOU CANT

When I told these people that I could not find them a nice 2 bedroom in a great area for that price,  they got really nasty and informed me they saw a lot of nice places on the housing authorities bulletin boards.

Here is the deal on that...they DONT KNOW AUSTIN OR THE AREAS. I am from Austin TX, I delivered Mail here for 25 years, I know Austin, I know the different areas. Yes, they may be a picture of a place hanging on some bulletin board, and you may call the owner and they may tell you its really nice and in a great area...AND YOU BELIEVE THEM. Then after you move in you realize and think WHAT HAVE I DONE. There are many places I WILL NOT LEASE AT, I like to sleep well at night.

If you want my help you got it, but please dont yell at me because I will not lie to you and tell you a place is great when it is not. Many people that do what I do will tell you anything to get the lease, I will not.

Affordable Housing in the Austin area is very tight, many properties are full, its important to NOT WAIT till the last minute. If you are serious about finding a nice place to live in the Austin area, you need to be able to PUT DOWN YOUR DEPOSIT and pay the application fee's when we find you the right place, it does no good to look, if you are not READY WILLING & ABLE to secure the apartment with money down, Apartments rarely stay available for longer than a day or two...some are gone in hours...or less. If you don't secure the apartment with money down, the next person walking through the door will.

Your section 8 housing voucher will show size of the apartment you qualify for, there will be a price if its all electric, and price if it has gas too, sometimes you may also qualify for a larger apartment as well, in that case it will show you a price for the smaller apartment (such as 1 bedroom) and ALSO give the price of a larger apartment (such as 2 bedroom), as crazy as it sounds, when you are given this option, you normally are ALLOWED LESS for the larger apartments, from my experience it seems they are saying that you really qualify for a smaller apartment, BUT, if you can find a bigger one for less, ok!

You MUST STAY WITHIN THE RENT LIMITS IN YOUR VOUCHER, I have heard many times, I can pay the difference if my voucher is not big enough, that is NOT ALLOWED and apartments will not do that, they do not want to lose the right to work with section 8 and the Austin housing authority. It is true that I have heard of private owners allowing that, but I believe that to be against the rules. If you housing voucher states that you qualify for a 1 bedroom, then you can ONLY RENT a one bedroom, it does NOT matter if the rent on a 2 or 3 bedroom is less than the amount on your 1 bedroom voucher, YOU CAN ONLY RENT THE SIZE APARTMENT LISTED ON YOUR VOUCHER, and YOU CAN NOT PAY THE DIFFERENCE..

When a BRAND NEW APARTMENT complex opens up, then you are able to pre-lease it for 2 months or more into the future! Other benefits from a brand new place is of course..ITS BRAND NEW! No one has ever lived in it before! Your utility bills are normally lower in a brand new energy efficient apartment, when you pre-lease it you can usually PICK THE FLOOR you want to live on!

For those clients porting into Austin from another city or state, I will be happy to meet you when you arrive and show you around until we find you the perfect place to live, most will receive their portability vouchers from the Austin Housing Authority, usually Wednesday is the day these type of vouchers are given out and  by appointment only. I will be happy to meet you at the Austin Housing Authority.

BUS STOPS - If you NEED to be on a bus stop, PLEASE let me know, many newer properties are being built on the outskirts of Austin, it seems a major reason is the ever rising cost of land, unfortunately many of these properties are not serviced by Capital Metro  (bus service) at this time, so if you have your own transportation, you have MANY MORE NICE OPTIONS!

We work with nice apartments that take or accept section 8, if you want nice, CALL US!

I have been on the Austin area now for over 50 years and know it very well, and as a parent, I understand the
importance of good schools and would be happy to answer any questions you may have. While the first thought of many is to find a house, houses, duplexes or homes, deposits are usually much higher (one months rent) than a newer apartment, another factor not always considered is utility bills, it is not unusual for utility bills to be 2 to 3 times HIGHER in a duplex or homes than a brand new apartment would be...then you have the maintenance factor, which often means LACK OF MAINTENANCE if you live in a privately owned house or duplex.

We also work with many portability transfers into the Austin area, We KNOW AUSTIN and will help you to find the VERY BEST place for you and your family!

For those relocating (porting in) from out of town, PLEASE CALL AND LET ME HELP SORT OUT YOUR OPTIONS!
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Section 8 Austin TX
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